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(Mary Most Holy): "My dearest children, today, when you are already celebrating the Feast of My Miraculous Medal with My Appearance to my little daughter Catherine, Catherine Labouré. I come again to bless you and give you My Peace.

I am the Lady of the Miraculous Medal, I am the Woman clothed with the Sun, crowned with Twelve Stars, with the globe of the world and the Moon under My Feet. Powerful, terrible as an army in the order of battle and with My hands full of graces, to grant to all those who believe in My power of Mediatrix of all Graces many and many graces!
I am the Lady who comes from Heaven to give you a sure sign of My Love, My protection, My constant maternal aid through My Miraculous Medal, which is both a balm, a remedy and a shield for all of you My children.

I am the Lady of the Miraculous Medal and I gave you this Medal through My little girl Catherine Labouré, Santa Catarina. For all of you in these difficult times to find in My Miraculous Medal: medicine, relief, comfort, light protection and protection in the midst of this great tribulation that you are now crossing.

And this tribulation is that brings to you now every day, so much bitterness, so much suffering so many tears. So that none of you My children would feel abandoned, helpless, orphans, without a Mother. So that you might always be sure that I am close to you, I love you and pour out your blessing upon you every day to sweeten the bitter chalice, which you so often have to take on your journey on earth.
My Miraculous Medal I always give more to My Children, always more: consolation, love, hope, and joy. Use it, spread it, give it to all My children. Because the more you become My Miraculous Medal known to My children, more and more blessings I will pour over the world, until I transform the world into a garden of greenery of graces, blessings, peace, and happiness, from an arid, dry and lifeless garden.

I am the Lady of the Miraculous Medal, which crushes the head of the infernal serpent. In this Medal I give you the certainty of My ultimate definitive victory over Satan, his works and all the evils he has now set in the world, which he has introduced into the world: Communism, Protestantism, Spiritism, Wars, Paganism, Neopaganism of these times, atheism and all opposing forces to Jesus Christ.
Thus, I always overthrow and destroy the kingdom and the works of My enemy and I always return the land and the souls that the enemy has conquered for My Son Jesus Christ, who is the Lord, King, and Savior of all things.

Through My Miraculous Medal, the flame of the hope that soon my Immaculate Heart will triumph will increase in your hearts more and more. And My blessed and mighty Foot shall crush the head of My enemy and as by charm all the plans, maneuvers, and works performed by Him shall fall by land

And his failure, his failure, his defeat, and his shame. will be universal because once again the Lord will save the world through Me: the Virgin of Nazareth, just as He saved the world for the first time through My 'Yes'.

Trust, trust, therefore, little children, that your Mother will triumph and soon you will see for you new Heavens, new Earth and a new time of Peace and Happiness.

Catherine taking My Messages to everyone. Take My Apparition to My little daughter Catherine Labouré, Saint Catherine, to the knowledge of all My children of the whole world.

How many millions of My children do not even know that I appeared to Her, they do not know of the prophecies and warnings that I gave the world through My daughter Catherine and do not know My Medal. How many could be protected and saved from the attacks of the evil one if they knew My Medal!

You have the mission of taking My Medal to My Sons, as Apostles of the Last Times, you are charged to take My Medal to the knowledge of all My Sons, who for not knowing Me to suffer in vain in this life.
So that they, through the Medal that I gave to My Daughter Saint Catherine, may have My consolation, My presence, My love and My heavenly blessings in their lives. That they may come safe and sound to the glory of Heaven by escaping all the sins and snares of mine and your infernal enemy.

In truth, I tell you again: Here in Jacareí, I will finish what I began with the Apparition to my daughter Catherine Labouré on Rue du Bac. I will finish My Great Plan, I will fulfill all the Secrets, I will deliver the Book of Revelation, the Book sealed in the Hands of the Lamb, of Him who is, of him who lives and will live forever.

And then He will come with His Kingdom upon this world and this old kingdom, this old world dominated by sin and the devil will exist no more. God will wipe away all tears from your eyes and finally little children, you will have peace, you will have happiness, you will have life in abundance.

To all, today, I again bless Paris, La Salette and Jacareí.

Peace to all of you My children, who love My Miraculous Medal and on whom I now pour My blessings and give My Plenary Indulgence to all of you who use My Medal with love throughout your life.

And especially to you, Marcos, the most ardent devotee of My Miraculous Medal, I now pour you graces and special blessings from My Immaculate Heart. "

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