quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2020

Message of Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace communicated to the seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira

“Dear children, today when they celebrate the anniversary of my Apparitions in Montichiari as a Mystical Rose, I come again from Heaven to tell you:

It was my infinite love for you that brought me to Montichiari to give you my messages.

It was my infinite love that kept me in Montichiari for almost 50 years giving my messages of love through Pierina to save you all.

It was my great love that made me go down to Montichiari to warn my children of the great danger that the world was in and to call them to prayer, conversion and return to the Lord.

It was my great infinite love that made me give all my messages through Pierina, to call all my children back to the Rosary, to the prayer that is so pleasing to the Lord and that can bring peace to all my children. harmony, unity, harmony, the graces of God and can transform everything that is evil in the world into good for yourselves and victory for the Lord.

It was my great love that made me go down to Montichiari and there give my messages of sacrifice, calling on all my children to renounce what gives them the most pleasure, to mortify their bodies and also their souls, to help me save other souls that without the mystical power of sacrifice cannot be easily pulled out of the clutches of Satan.

So, with the sacrifice of my children, I was able to pull out of the dragon's clutches so many and so many souls that he already had as his own and I was able to bring them back to the Lord again. And so, my Immaculate Heart achieved its greatest triumph in the lives of so many of my children around the world, thanks to the prayers and sacrifices of my children who, knowing my messages from Montichiari, said to me 'yes'.

It was my great infinite love that made me go down to Montichiari, to call all my children to be the yellow roses of penance, who condemn the Lord for the sins of humanity, who repair with his love, his obedience and his faithfulness to disobedience , the lack of love and the ingratitude of so many souls and, thus, they appease divine justice, achieve many graces for the world, change the punishments in blessings and miracles for so many souls! And in this way, a rain of mercy from the Holy Trinity rains on the Earth every day.

Yes, it was my great infinite love that made me go down to Montichiari to again call my children to the prayer of the Rosary, to the love of my Tears, to the prayer of the Rosary of my Tears and to the love of my son Jesus crucified. Making so many of my poor children open their hearts, convert, fall in love with my son Jesus and become faithful to the Lord.

It was my great and infinite love that brought me down in Montichiari to Fontanelle, in the small portion of Montichiari, to give the world a source of grace from my Heart, to alleviate the suffering of my children, to heal many of them and show all of them my love.

And it is my great infinite love that brings me here, in this place, where I also gave a source to alleviate the suffering of all my children and to show them my great and maternal love.

It is my infinite love that has held me here for almost 30 years, giving my messages and my graces of love, to touch the hearts of my children, to draw them into my arms. So that I can take you all to Heaven, all to the Lord who awaits you with an ardent and extreme longing for the loving Father that he is.

It is my great and infinite love that holds me here for you little children.

Welcome my love! Live my love!

And what I said a few days ago I repeat: 'It is not the sin that most hurts my Heart, but the fact that the sinner does not come back to me praying the Rosary after having weakened and fallen into a fault.'

If the soul came back to me praying the Rosary, I would give it all the grace it needs to get up and continue its flight towards Heaven.

Let no son, therefore, be afraid of approaching me, but let him approach me with great confidence, for to souls of unlimited trust I can deny nothing and I give everything.

If I see in you the trust of the little child in the mother, I will give everything, I will heal your souls and I will transform you all into saints.

What do you want, my children? I am Love and I cannot live without loving you! And that is why, when I find a heart willing and willing to receive my love, to that heart I give myself entirely and do not deny anything.

I don't care about the defects of the soul. Imperfections are straws that cast into my flame of love immediately turn to ashes.

What I want is love! I look for souls of unlimited love, of boundless love for Jesus, for me and for the salvation of souls. And if I find these souls of unlimited love, I will do wonders in them as I did in the life of my little daughter Pierina Gilli.

She loved me without limits, she loved souls without limits, she gave herself to me with unlimited love, nothing denied me. And every sacrifice that I asked of her, every pain, every illness, every cross that I asked her to take for the love of Jesus, for the love of me, she always took with all patience, good will, generosity and love.

So, through it, I made my images and my message fly to the four corners of the world, doing the greatest wonders and converting the greatest sinners.

So too, I will make through you to find hearts and souls of unlimited love. To souls of unlimited love I also give unlimited graces from my Heart. I give them everything!

So, give me your ‘yes’, accept my love, let my love work, act in your lives and then, in them I will do the great wonders of my Heart.

Keep praying the Rosary every day! To the souls who pray my Rosary with confidence, I give everything and I cannot deny anything.

The soul that says the Rosary has an almost invincible power over my Heart and I, in turn, have an invincible power over the Heart of my son Jesus.

So, for the soul that prays my Rosary nothing is denied. And if it is my son's will, she will obtain everything, everything for herself and for others. So, pray, pray, pray my Rosary!

Pray the third of my tears every day! When you say it Jesus looks at me weeping at the foot of the cross and sees my tears of blood shed for love of him.

In each pain they contemplate in the third of my tears, Jesus remembers the tears I shed for him in the temple when he heard Simeon's prediction, on the way to Calvary, fleeing to Egypt, or leaving his body in his tomb ...

On all these occasions I cried over my son Jesus and he remembers the tears that I shed on him and, therefore, he gives you all the graces in the name of those tears.

My tears were immaculate tears because I was conceived without sin, therefore, pure tears and pure love for God. Therefore, before God they are worth more than all the gold and silver in the world, they are worth more than the whole created, the whole created universe.

And that is why, whenever a soul pronounces the blessed words: 'Oh Jesus, answer our pleas in virtue of the tears of blood of your Most Holy Mother' Jesus will release rays of graces from his divine Heart and give everything to the soul that ask him in the name of the tears that I shed out of pure love for him.

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