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(Sacred Heart): "Beloved children, my Sacred Heart comes to you again today to bless you and to tell you, to tell all of you:

Do not make my Mother cry anymore! For those who make my Mother cry will not be forgiven in any way either in this life or the next.

Do not make my Mother cry again, as she cried on June 7, 1996, 25 years ago. For, those who are the cause of my Blessed Mother's tears falling from her eyes, those will be banished forever from my presence and my Father's presence in eternal life.

Make mine weep no more, because anyone who drives swords of pain into my Mother's heart, either by denying her messages, or by betraying her love after they have been chosen, graced and called. Or for denying and persecuting my Mother's appearances and messages, these will have to give account to me and face my justice on the day of death and final judgment.

Do not make my Mother cry anymore, because anyone who is the cause of my Mother's tears will have to give an account at the Court of Divine Justice, and every tear of my Mother's will be charged to this soul a hundred times over.

And above all, if the soul has driven other souls away from my Mother, denying my Mother's tears, then this justice, the severity of my justice, and this soul's penalty will be multiplied a thousand times over!

Do not make my Mother cry anymore, living in duplicity, that is, with her and wanting worldly pleasures at the same time. For every soul that does this I will vomit out of my mouth, and its name will be erased from the book of life.

Do not make my Mother weep anymore by delaying your conversion, but convert seriously and truly, because otherwise my Mother's tears will one day be the cause of your own damnation.

Convert yourselves! Obey my Mother's messages! Obey my messages! Pray the rosary, change your lives, seek sanctity. Soon I will return in glory.

I have been sending my Mother here for 30 years, and my Mother here has cried several times, to warn you all that you are in the end times. That soon this sin-corrupted world will disappear in the fire that will fall from Heaven that my Mother warned about in Akita.

And then those who are attached or enslaved to the things and pleasures of this world will go with this world into the eternal flames.

Be saints, be obedient to my Mother, for only those will enter the new Heaven and the new Earth.

I bless you all: from Paray-Le-Monial, from Dozulé and from Jacareí.

(Blessed Mary): "My children, today, you are commemorating here the 25th anniversary of my lacrimation on this miraculous and sacred image of mine that is here on this altar.

Yes, I cried for humanity and what pain I have to say that even after 25 years, the world did not heed, did not listen to the painful warning that I gave that day with my tears.

The world did not listen to the warning that I gave with my tears and continued walking on the road of sin, of rebellion against God, of the unbridled pursuit of power, of pleasures, of sensuality, and continued walking its path of rebelling against God, moving further and further away from the Lord.

The world didn't listen, didn't heed the warning of my tears and the souls continued to get lost in great number, entering the life of sin, of pleasures and despising the path of prayer, of penance and of prayer that for so many years I indicated here to everyone.

The world didn't listen, didn't hear the painful warning of my tears, and because of this, people kept getting lost in the paths of prostitution, addictions, sensuality, abortion, adultery, practical and theoretical atheism. And because of this, humanity fell into the deepest precipice of sin, of wickedness, of hatred, of lack of love, of total rebellion to the Lord.

And because of this, now it will no longer be able to escape the great chastisement that I announced in Akita, nor will it be able to be spared from the very great chastisements that I announced in so many of my appearances throughout the earth, even with tears of blood in my eyes without ever having been heard.

Yes, the tears that I shed 25 years ago, on the same day today, were also for so many souls that would be lost throughout those years, many of them who stood before my image watching my tears fall. And that later, they would betray all my messages, my presence here, exchanging me for the world for creatures, for pleasures, thus passing from my maternal hands into the hands of Satan.

That is why I cried, that is why I continue crying and I call my true obedient children, docile to my voice, humble, small, pure of heart to form around my heart, the most fragrant crown of roses to comfort my heart, to remove the thorns that these souls have stuck and will continue to stick and to be the mystical handkerchief of love that dries my tears.

Thank you, my dear son Mark, because I know that you will never betray my presence here. Continue steadfast my son taking my messages to everyone.

I know you will never betray my tears, you will never leave me. So, go forward! Don't be afraid! I will be with you.

Keep announcing my messages to the whole world, so that the world gets to know my messages of pain and love, my tears, more and more each day. And so, each one leaves the path of sin, is converted, and can one day enter Heaven.

I wish for you to be united more and more with the father that I gave you. It is my desire that the two of you be united. I do not allow any attachment to my consecrated ones, to any creature, to any person. But, your union with your father is dear to me, because on this depends a great part of my plan being realized and being brought to full success.

The two of you must unite each day, more and more. And then, in total union, communion of spirit, of thought, of will, in total intimacy and holy complicity you can carry out the great plan that I have.

Without your father you cannot have the strength to continue, but he without you cannot have the strength to continue either. The two of you must therefore be each other's strength, each other's light, and on the union of the two of you also depends a certain grace that I want to accomplish here.

Therefore, you must unite, not only by talking and praying together, but also, unite with regard to full communion and the sharing of the secrets of my maternal plans.

You must tell him much of the maternal plans that over the years I have secretly explained to you. You must tell him so that he can understand you, understand what you do, understand what you say, understand your ideals, your intentions and your plans, which are mine.

And then, he can in total communion, harmony and union with you: act, act effectively, to help you, my son, to complete my plans. Because time will now run even faster, and what you used to do in one day you will now take three days to do, because time will be accelerated by the Lord, so that then, he will return soon, and the triumph of our Hearts will be accomplished, freeing the whole Earth from Satan's dominion.

Woe to him who leaves his conversion until the great sign, he will not have time, because the conversion for many will require a great effort, a great work that will no longer be possible to accomplish.

Then the sphere of purification will come and bring into its fire-filled interior all those who refused to listen to my messages, who preferred to obey creatures rather than me, who mocked my tears and my seers.

Go, my son Mark, continue to carry forward my messages without fear. Love without fear the father I gave you, and may the father I gave you also love you without limits and without fear. So that in this way, you two will be the powers, the strength, the two cornerstones of my sanctuary, through which I will crush Satan, shatter the enemies of my messages, and make the strength and power of my Immaculate heart shine out more and more.

I bless you now with love, and all my children all over the world: from Lourdes, from Civitaveccia, and from Jacareí.


Spread more the sign of the Sun that I gave to my little daughter Alessandra Yoshida, that I gave to you. This sign shows everyone the greatness and power of my presence here.

Help my son Marcos, defend him, defend the just, and I will defend you and your families from evil.

Help the righteous and I will help you!

I bless you all again, that you may be happy and I leave you my peace.



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