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SEPTEMBER 19, 2021



(Blessed Mary): "Dear children, today you are celebrating the Anniversary of my Apparition on the high mountain of La Salette, to my two favorite little children Maximino and Melanie... Maximino and Melanie.

I appeared as a tearful and sorrowful Mother, to reveal to all mankind my great love for all my children, and also my great sorrow for the sins of all of them. That is why in La I manifested myself as the Lachrymose and even today I am the Sorrowful and Lachrymose Virgin who continues to suffer because the Message of La Salette has not been obeyed and has been despised by humanity.

I am the Sorrowful Mother, who at La Salette appeared crying to call her children to conversion. I cried, gave my Message, asked for prayer, conversion, penance almost no one did and still today 175 years after my Apparition, the world continues to turn its back on my Message of La Salette, trampling on my tears and continues to seek the path of pleasures, sins and its own damnation.

I am the Sorrowful Mother, because to this day both my Message of La Salette and my secret have not been made known to the world by those most obligated to do so and with the exception of my little son Mark, even many chosen souls to whom I have manifested Me asking them to defend La Salette and make known the Secret of La Salette, even these souls have not obeyed Me.

Yes, most of the time I found so much human respect, so much fear of judgments, criticism and persecution from others... I found so much cowardice and so much ill will. That is why My Secret of La Salette was not made known to the world at the speed and in the proportion that I wanted and that is why many souls were lost because they were unaware of the dangers that in the Secret of La Salette I warned all My children, all of humanity; they ignored the dangers that I revealed to all My children, all of humanity.

I am the Sorrowful Mother because even today, unfortunately the dangers, the threats, the sins contained in my Secret of La Salette, continue to happen and so many evils together fall upon the world. Apostasy advances, violence spreads, evil, hatred of God, contempt for the holy Catholic Faith and all that represents God continues to spread like a terrible cancer that consumes all of humanity.

Families, youth and children are devoured and swallowed by this fatal cancer, leading so many millions of souls to eternal damnation.

Yes, the apostasy grows every day more, it is always bigger, the number of 'people who don't pray anymore, don't believe in the eternal truths anymore, don't believe in the Lord anymore, and live as true pagans, true atheists, increases every day. How many souls die in this state every day and are plunged into hell every hour and there is almost no one who heeds My call of La Salette and rises to be My Apostle of the Last Times, to make known to My children My sorrowful Message and My Warning, My Secret of La Salette, to help Me save the souls of My children.

I am the Sorrowful Mother who even today contemplates in tears the destruction of the entire Christian civilization by an atheism more and more widespread and taught mainly by the media, by the pagan and atheistic education, and also by the families that are no longer perfumed gardens where the most beautiful flowers of holiness sprout, but are places where the children, the children are taught to live only for worldly and material things.

How great is your ruin! That is why I call my children to become my apostles.  Spread my messages with even more love and ardor! Spread My Secret with even more zeal and love, and you will turn all my pain into joy, and my tears into smiles.

My dear son Mark, my apostle of La Salette, once again I thank you for all you have done for my apparition at La Salette and for my Secret. Yes, thanks to you and the films you made, my Message and my Apparition at La Salette are known by all my children and now they know my pain, they know my Secret, they know the dangers that threaten them that I told them about in the Secret and now as vigilant sentinels, they watch in prayer, in penance, in sacrifice and do not easily give in to Satan's snares.

Yes, thanks to you my children understand the signs of the times that are happening, they understand that they are in the end times and that the return of my Son Jesus is near and so they prepare for this return every day with love seeking holiness, living a life totally focused on the salvation of their souls, the salvation of the world and to reach Heaven.

Thank you, my beloved son, because thanks to you all this became possible and in you was repaired the 'no' that I received from so many consecrated souls, even privileged and chosen souls who did not want to make known to the world my Message and my Secret of La Salette. But, thanks to you this has been done and in you their 'no' and disobedience has been repaired and the painful sword of pain that mankind has carved into My Heart for despising my message of La Salette, has been removed.

Rejoice, my son, because one day you will behold in Heaven My Heart radiant with glory, totally repaired and consoled by the holy works you have done: the 3 films to make my Message and the Secret of La Salette known to all, and you will also see in great glory all the immense multitude of souls you have saved with these 3 beautiful films you have made for My glory and for the greater consolation of My Heart and salvation of the whole world.

Rejoice, because this merit is all yours!

And rejoice too, my son Carlos Tadeu, because I have given you as a son, the privileged soul, the ray of light from My Heart, the brave, generous and totally forgetful, self-sacrificing child who made My apparition at La Salette and My Secret known to so many of My children who were languishing and dying in ignorance in sin, in addictions, in total darkness and thanks to this son my Message of La Salette now shines as never before and souls see this light and understand the right path they must follow to save their souls and the souls of the whole world.

Rejoice, because to you I have given the child that I prophesied to my little son Maximino that after 150 years he would come into the world to bring my Apparition out of oblivion.

Yes, this part of my Secret given to Maximino: that after 150 years my Apparition at La Salette would become world-renowned as never before, has been realized by the child I gave you.

Rejoice therefore, because to you I have given a great treasure from my Heart, a soul of immeasurable value, most valuable! And if you know how to conserve this treasure, love this treasure and unite yourself with this treasure... You will also acquire the same feelings, the same love that he has for me, you will do great works together with him as he did, as this son did. And then, you will also acquire an immeasurable beauty and spiritual value before the Lord and also before my Heart.

Rejoice, because I have given you a soul of immeasurable value for a son, to show you how much I love you!

A soul that receives from a Queen a gift all in gold, feels valued and loved by that Queen, and everyone looks at it as someone the Queen loves with a love, with a preference incomparably greater than all other people. This I have done with you by giving you for a son the one who is all my hope, my consolation, and also the greatest apostle of my Message and of my Apparition at La Salette.

Yes, I have given you the most Saletine soul in the world and the more you unite yourself to this soul the more you will also be one of the greatest Saletine sons of My Heart.

Keep praying the Rosary of Tears every day!

Give 6 films of my apparition at La Salette to 6 of my children who do not know about it, so that in this way, my children, the Message will spread more and my children will be warned before the time runs out of everything that awaits humanity, so that they convert and come without delay to my Heart, which will be a refuge, peace and love for all!

I bless you all with love: from La Salette, from Pontmain and from Jacareí.

Rejoice My son Marcos! You have offered Me the merits of this La Salette No. 1 all day long for your father, for the people you love, and for My pilgrim children and family. Well, I answer your prayer and give your father Carlos Tadeu now 190,000 blessings that he will receive every year on the Anniversary of my Apparition at La Salette and also, I give to all My children here present 49 special blessings that they will receive every year while they live on the Anniversary of my Apparition at La Salette, fruit of the merits that you have made for Me and that so much sacrifice cost you, but so much glory has given to My heart and so many souls I have brought into My maternal arms and onto the path of conversion and salvation.

Rejoice, My child, for many more blessings I will still give you for such great merits of works done for Me with such fiery and immense love.


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