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(Mary Most Holy): "My dear son Marcos, today I come from Heaven to tell you: Rejoice because you are the chosen child whom I have waited for more than 550 years, to take my Caravaggio Apparition out of the oblivion and contempt of humanity and finally make it known and loved by all my children. 

Yes, I waited for more than 550 years, to finally birth the chosen elect child chosen by me and the Lord, who would take my Caravaggio message out of oblivion and make this message known in its entirety to all my children. 

Yes, you did that with the film you made of my Caravaggio Appearance. Yes, you took away a very painful sword that had been stuck in my heart for more than 550 years without anyone wanting to take it away. 

And while everyone else was going after their own selfish and petty self-interest, you took the time, even if you were ill, to make this film to console me, to make my Caravaggio message known and obeyed by all my children. And to remove this one more sword of pain from my heart. 

Thank You, my children, for this great work of love that You did for me and to me and for the most painful sword that You took out of my heart.  

For your weariness in making this film that cost you so much, thank you! 

For the days you worked hard to make this film for me, even when exhausted from the headache you had at night, thank you! 

For your perseverance and dedication making this film just to comfort me and make my message known and obeyed by all my children, thank you! 

For the tears you wiped from my eyes making this movie for me even though I was sick and tired, troubled and with so many crosses, thank you! 

Go ahead my son, make my message of Caravaggio known to all my children even more, through this film you made. So that then, my children will know me, love me, live my message. And so, I can lead them along the road of prayer, conversion, and penance that leads to salvation. 

I bless you, and I also bless the father I have given you. Yes, I bless you my dear son Carlos Tadeu. I gave you as my son, the child chosen and awaited by me for more than 550 years, to make my Caravaggio message known to all my children, and he succeeded with success and praise to do this.  

And today how many of my children, who had never heard of my apparition in Caravaggio and so would die in this total ignorance if it were not for the child I gave you. 

Now they know my message, live it perfectly and follow me along the path of prayer, conversion and penance. And all this thanks to the son I gave you. 

Now they believe in my goodness, because when they see me comforting my little Gianetta, and also, so many children who asked for my help and my maternal help, and I answered them with resounding miracles.  

Now my children believe in my goodness, my mercy and my love revealed by me in Caravaggio. All this, thanks to the son that I gave you. 

I have given you this son, who is for me: the most beloved, the most awaited and desired for centuries so that you can feel how much I have honored you, how much I have favored you, and how much I cherish you because I have given you a priceless treasure from my heart. 

Rejoice, unite yourself more and more with the son I have given you. The more you unite with him the more you will assimilate the flame of love he has for me that has led him to do so many great works of love for me. 

You will have the same feelings as him, think like him, act like him, feel the need to love me. And to do everything for me, to dedicate your whole life to me like him, without taking away the desire to consume yourself in incessant flames of love for me night and day like him. 

And this will lead you to do more works of love for me, will lead you to burn more and more like an incessant flame of love for me. And so you will reach the very high degree of love to which I have already brought the son I gave you and he has already risen by your efforts, prayers and sacrifices. 

And so you will reach the pinnacle of love which is perfect holiness. 

I bless you and all my beloved children.  

Keep praying my rosary every day, by it I will lead you to the apogee of love which is sanctification. Through conversion I took you out of the world, through sanctification I want to take the world out of you, but I will only do this with those who want to be saints. 

Be saints, and you will reach the pinnacle of divine love! 

I bless you all with love now: from Lourdes, from Caravaggio and from Jacareí. 


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